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Chrissy, visibly upset, responds by disregarding his family’s feelings about their relationship and tells Chink that they can kiss her ass if that’s how the feel about her without even taking the time to know her.

Yandy, who is having turmoil in her own personal life, meets with Tara, who confides in her about wanting to mend the relationship between herself and Amina.

Rich tries to mediate while Precious states her case about feeling like an afterthought to Rich, who admits he could have been doing a better job as a manager.

Paris questions if Rich is engaging in sexual activities with Blaze, he refutes the claim and parts ways with Paris to continue his session with the hot-headed Blaze.

Love & Hip Hop fans are still enjoying the addictively trashy Hollywood spin-off of the VH1 reality TV show.

But, according to Love & Hip Hop spoilers, the Love & Hip Hop New York Season 5 premiere is right around the corner.

The original L&HH cast will return to VH1 for their fifth season on Monday, December 15th.

Spoilers tease that original cast members and fan favorites such as Yandy Smith, Peter Gunz, Erica Mena, and Rich Dollaz will all be returning, along with a slew of new faces.

” and it sounded like a yes or no question, which would imply that there’s reasoning to say anything other than YES. Rich says fine as long as he can exploit her in kind to promote his sorry ass liquor, which shall remain nameless here from now on. — seems this show takes place anywhere but Manhattan which is the only part of New York that matters — Chrissy is dressed up in leopard with a neckline down to her belly, showing her ta-tas which is a no-no when they sag-sag. Cyn has a great idea about writing a song for her brother who committed suicide, and she says this like she’s relating how she’s gonna do the laundry by separating the whites from the colors. She’s really, really, really not emotional about it. This week’s episode, if nothing else, taught me what kind of relationships Keyshia Cole wails about on her songs.Can anyone reason with me as to why it would be a good idea for Mynameismyname* to pretend that his child with Yandy is in the hospital? Speaking of opting out…none other than Charlie Murphy graced our screen looking like he would rather be anywhere else in the world than letting Peter Gunz know that YES, this was all his fault, and YES he should try and work on things.

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Cyn arrives so they can diss Erica, while sucking on some grimy hooka. Of course, he tells us he’s still creepin’ on his baby mama who has no idea about Diamond. I thought this was a euphemism for her monthly friend, ya know what I mean? Then the talk turns to their baby and their future and how she shouldn’t worry because he might not have to do 20 years. Rich and Cyn get together, and he apologizes to her because he can see how beneficial hanging with Cyn could be to his air time.